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Tecnica e installazioneAntares Group, owned by businessman Dumitru Becsenescu, opens in Ramnicu Valcea the first PTI (periodic technical inspection) station in Romania for vehicles that run on compressed natural gas (NGV’s). With this new investment, worth about €130.000, Antares Group, one of the most popular groups of companies with Romanian capital, continues pioneering work in the CNG field.

The new PTI line, located at Barajului 42 street, in Ramnicu Valcea, on the European road E 81 A, near the site of the sole Romanian CNG public filling station, opened by Antares about one year ago, is the only one authorized in Romania to perform periodic technical inspections for all types of vehicles, including those that run on CNG.

Thus, the owners of vehicles that run on CNG will be able to perform their periodic technical inspection in the same place where they fuel up, with a simple appointment. “Opening the first PTI station for vehicles that run on CNG, will be an important step towards promoting the shift from traditional fuels to economic and environment friendly ones”, said Dumitru Becsenescu, the president of Antares Group.

Investing in this PTI line is very valuable, more so since the latest technology equipment has been used which meets the RNTR1 requirements for class II and III. Basically, periodic technical inspections can be performed for all types of vehicles: cars, light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers which run on different fuels.

There are three companies in Antares Group that form an integrated business offering services in the CNG field: Denisson Energy - CNG supplier for vehicles, Antares Transport - passenger transport operator by regular lines with midi-buses fueled with CNG and Antares Motors, which provides periodic technical inspections for vehicles that run on CNG.

The first CNG supply station, opened by the company last year in December, part of a project in which there were invested €3.2 million, is a very important strategic point on the long term, in the vision of businessman Dumitru Becsenescu. Today, 15% of this station’s sales mean vehicles that do not belong to Antares Group, surpassing by far the initial estimates. An important category of clients is represented by the “corporate clients”, such as the local distribution company for Coca-Cola, a group of companies which performs special trips for their own employees and a transporter for the Bucharest International Henri Coanda Airport.

Certainly, these clients join the Antares Transport company, which, from November 2015, operates 20 vehicles daily, midi-buses that run on CNG, with over 2.5 million kilometers traveled annually considerably reducing the pollution with particles, particulate mater and noise. Furthermore, it contributes to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions responsible for the greenhouse effect.

“Romania is the only country in the European uni0n which does not have a CNG supply station network. Developing such a network can be made with the efforts of Antares Group to promote a clean environment, taking on the role of road opener in this field”, also said Dumitru Becsenescu, president of Antares Group. Through this new investment, Antares Group will honor its commitment to promote compressed natural gas to the Romanian market.

Nota: (Source: Antares Natural Gas)
Inserito Wednesday 14 December 2016 da mdlbz (207 letture)
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