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I veicoli a metano di serieRenault Trucks was present at this year’s Pollutec taking place at Lyon’s Eurexpo exhibition centre from November 29 to December 2, 2016. Exhibition visitors were the first to discover a D WIDE CNG with horizontal exhaust.

Because Renault Trucks believes diesel fuel is the primary energy for long-haul transport - and will remain so for many years to come - it is constantly striving to cut fuel consumption and slash emissions.

At the 27th Pollutec, which held from November 29 to December 2, 2016 at Lyon’s Eurexpo exhibition centre, Renault Trucks spotlighted the performance of Euro 6 engines compared to the previous generations. The depollution system fitted to Euro 6 engines has cut nitrogen oxide emissions fivefold and particle emissions sixfold compared to the previous standard. Today 99.9% of particles - even the very finest - are trapped by the pollution filter.

Renault Trucks is extending its CNG offer to take into account the greater demand for diverse sources of energy in built-up areas. Visitors to the Renault Trucks stand will also have a chance to check out the WIDE CNG with its horizontal exhaust system. This version enjoys the same chassis and body-mounting possibilities as its diesel counterpart since there is no vertical exhaust to integrate between cab and trailer.

Renault Trucks delivers a D WIDE CNG with horizontal exhaust to the STAF haulage company

Renault Trucks has delivered its first Euro 6 D WIDE CNG with horizontal exhaust to food and refrigerated transport company STAF. This model which is specially designed for distribution and can operate on either natural gas or biogas will be released in early 2017.

The Staf food and refrigerated transport company was the first to receive a Renault Trucks 19-tonne Euro 6-compliant D WIDE CNG with horizontal exhaust. This model will be released in early 2017.

The Renault Trucks D WIDE CNG Euro 6 enjoys the same chassis and body-mounting possibilities as its diesel counterpart since there is no vertical exhaust to integrate between cab and trailer. Its Euro 6 compliant NGT9 6-cylinder engine displaces 8.9 litres and delivers a power output of 320 hp. It is designed to run on both natural gas and biomethane (biogas).

These features make the D WIDE CNG the ideal choice for urban delivery businesses operating at controlled temperatures. The low entry cab with its two-step access is convenient for regular deliveries; the tight turning radius improves manoeuvrability and the Allison automatic gearbox lets the driver concentrate on the road ahead. The D WIDE CNG also boasts a hydraulic retarder which, together with the automatic gearbox, extends the lifespan of the entire system, especially the brake pads.

The 19-tonne 4x2 rigid truck supplied to STAF is fitted with a 51 m3 refrigeration unit with an electrically powered Frigoblock system. This means less noise and lower emissions from the refrigeration system.

The Renault Trucks D WIDE CNG with horizontal exhaust scheduled for launch in 2017 will include new features such as cruise control, pneumatic front suspension as well as the various fittings of the D WIDE cab.

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Inserito Sunday 11 December 2016 da mdlbz
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